Environmental Packaging Credentials

Environmental Packaging Credentials

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With the greater concerns associated with the environment, Boxability prides itself on providing packaging solutions incorporating sound environmental practices that aim to reduce the impact on the climate.

Boxability works closely with suppliers and customers and all relevant statutory organisations to ensure adherence to all applicable legislation. These environmental objectives are set to minimise production waste and to maximise the recycling and re-use of materials.

With a recycling rate of 84% in the UK, Corrugated Cardboard has the highest recycling rate of any type of packaging. As a result, an area the size of Greater London is saved from Landfill every four months.

Boxability utilises a packaging waste regulation software system to forward calculate all elements of weight and material used within the packaging product.

Boxability has won sustainability awards and has achieved ISO14001 accreditation.


Environmental Policy

Boxability and The Environment

Boxability recognises that concern for the environment is a fundamental part of the Company’s business strategy. A key element of this strategy is ISO 14001 accreditation for the company’s Environmental Management System. Environmental issues will be considered by senior members of staff before making final decisions or when planning or controlling work. The company’s main environmental impacts relate to the use of energy, the use of materials, and the transportation of the manufactured products.

Plans and systems of work will be designed and maintained to the highest standards to prevent environmental incidents and prevent pollution. The company will work closely with all relevant statutory organisations and customers to ensure we meet all applicable legislation. The company is committed to the principal of continual environmental improvements, setting objectives and targets which are reviewed annually:

  • Boxability will minimise production waste and maximise recycling/re-use of materials.
  • Wherever possible raw materials will be obtained from sustainable sources.
  • The transportation and disposal of wastes and products off site will be carried out with due regard to all environmental considerations.
  • All activities which can affect the local community, such as noise, atmospheric emissions and traffic will be controlled to the lowest practical level.
  • We will inform suppliers and customers of our policy and seek their co-operation in meeting our objectives.

All members of staff will be trained to act in accordance with our environmental policy. This policy will be annually audited to ensure ongoing environmental improvements.


Sustainability Statement

Boxability and Sustainability

The following statement is provided as a guide to the level of sustainability associated with the packaging products manufactured by Boxability.

1 Cardboard

The cardboard used for all products is non-toxic, easily recyclable and is produced mainly from recycled paper. This material is supplied by modern mills which apply advanced technology to ensure high energy efficiencies from its’ manufacturing processes. Annual cardboard usage by Boxability is approximately 3400 tonnes, with 75% of this volume comprising of recycled material. Around 25% of the fibre in the corrugated packaging comes from wood pulp. The corrugated board supplier uses softwoods such as pine or spruce, tropical hardwoods are never used. Independent forest certification is a pre-requisite of their supplier approval process, which ensures that the wood pulp used comes from well managed, sustainable forests. As part of a continuous improvement programme our corrugated board suppliers are engaged in new product development, aimed at producing lighter and stronger materials, which ultimately lessen the environmental impact.

All cardboard waste generated from Boxability’s manufacturing processes, is re-cycled via an automated baling process. These bales are disposed of by a registered waste management company. Boxability fully complies with the requirements defined by the Packaging Waste Regulations, the current level of cardboard waste generated is in the order of 140 tonnes per year.

2 Other Materials

2.1 Pallet Strapping & Paper Waste
All plastic pallet strapping and 90% of paper waste is segregated for recycling. Approximately 0.5 tonne of strapping and 0.5 tonne of paper waste is generated per year.

2.2 Returnable Timber Pallets
Approximately 97% of the pallets used for shipping our products to the customer, are collected and re-used.

2.3 Pallets / Timber products manufactured by Boxability
All timber used for these products is obtained from certified timber suppliers to ensure that the timber supply emanates from sustainable forests.

2.5 Printing Inks and Adhesives
Approximately 1.7 tonnes of printing ink and 2.3 tonnes of adhesive are used per year in the manufacturing processes. All printing inks have been changed to water based products, which eliminates any risk of contamination to natural or domestic drainage water courses.

3. REACH Compliance
All substances used in Boxability’s manufacturing processes are compliant with the European Union (EU) Regulations on Chemicals (REACH).

Boxability is actively engaged in an ongoing plan to reduce its carbon footprint. The following data is provided to comply with the ISO 14001requirement, to make the company’s emissions data publicly available.

2017 CO2 EMISSIONS (Kgs)
Transportation 150670
Electricity 137265
Gas Nil 
Total : 287935


Energy Policy

Boxability and the Efficient Use of Energy Resources

The management and control of energy usage is an integral part of our business strategy and is consistent with the Company’s aim of meeting our environmental responsibilities in the community at large. We recognise that whilst keeping sight of our business objectives, we have a responsibility to minimise the impact of energy usage during our day to day business operations. In doing so, the Company is committed to adhering to the best practices in energy management.

Boxability will meet the needs of our customers in a safe and sustainable manner. As a responsible company, we will strive to continually improve the efficiency of our business operations, whilst minimising energy usage by the application of adequate management system controls. To ensure that these controls are effective, the principles of the ISO5001 Energy Management Standard will be applied and audited within the scope of the Company’s ISO14001 Environmental Management System.

The Company will ensure the availability of current energy management information and that awareness on the need for effective control of energy usage is maintained throughout the workforce.

Boxability will take collective responsibility toward being a sound company in respect of energy management practice. The Managing Director has overall responsibility for the Energy Policy and implementation within the company.

Our commitment to energy management includes continually improving our performance, reducing energy wherever possible and complying with all applicable laws, regulations and standards. The Company will set energy reduction objectives and targets which are reviewed annually

In particular Boxability will:

  • Manage our processes so as to avoid excessive energy use and / or minimise energy
  • As part of our management process, identify the significant energy aspects and opportunities relating to our operational activities and processes
  • Aim to use renewable, recyclable materials
  • Seek to influence our business partners and suppliers in minimising energy usage
  • Include energy usage in investment decisions and assess actual, potential energy aspects of all business activities
  • Ensure all employees have appropriate training and awareness of this policy, so that it is implemented effectively
  • Adopt best processes; select the best practical energy management option
  • Review, monitor, and audit adherence to standards and guidelines

This policy is implemented and maintained within the scope of our ISO14001 Environmental Management System. The policy is made available to all our employees, customers, suppliers and other interested parties through a variety of routes.