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Conventional Packaging | Double Wall Boxes & Single Wall Boxes

Boxability manufactures numerous types and styles of conventional glued and stitched corrugated cardboard boxes. Single wall and double wall corrugated cartons are made to order and are available in plain, one colour or two colour printing to customers specifications.

Boxability specialises in the manufacture of corrugated packaging. With more than 100 standard FEFCO packaging styles and hundreds of possible variations, boxes can be manufactured for virtually any need - packaging design is limited only by imagination. Boxability’s specialist team is happy to produce designs and samples using our CAD system.

Manufacturing equipment enables Boxability to manufacture corrugated boxes in a wide variety of sizes. Much larger corrugated cases can also be manufactured, usually with heavy duty corrugated cardboard.

For further information and a quotations please contact Customer Services on 0845 643 9875.


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