Heavy Duty Packaging Solution for TRW Automotive | Case Studies

Case Studies

Heavy Duty Packaging Solution for TRW Automotive

TRW Automotive prides itself on being ‘a leading innovator and integrator of safety electronics’ for the private and commercial vehicle industry.

Supplying a wide range of safety products - from steering systems and brake components to seat belts and airbags - TRW Automotive has over 200 facilities in 28 countries.

TRW Automotive strives to maintain a world-class, diverse supply base that not only exceeds their customers’ expectations but also enhances their position in the automotive industry.

Their programme is designed to identify and provide quote opportunities to high-potential suppliers that can exceed TRW Automotive’s requirements in the areas of cost, quality, delivery, and service.

One of TRW’s manufacturing facilities in the UK required protective packaging for their brake calliper systems…

The Boxability Solution

The main problem to overcome was how to design heavy-duty packaging which would also offer an economical advantage for transporting the TRW brake calliper components.

From the initial review, through to technical advice, design, development, fabrication and full laboratory performance testing, Boxability used their experience and expertise to successfully design a packaging solution.

Boxability-designed and produced heavy-duty packaging is now fully protecting the client’s product en route to destinations worldwide.

Boxability and TRW Automotives’ Supply Chain Policy

“We know that TRW Automotive’s policy is to achieve a competitive advantage through quality, service, delivery and cost via their suppliers. Boxability was, therefore, keen to match up to TRW’s philosophy – ‘Do it right the first time, every time and to continually improve’.

“TRW has just been awarded a Queen’s Award for International Trade. Boxability is honoured to have been the choice supplier of packaging for TRW’s Gwent-based facility for several years. We look forward to their next challenge!” Mr Lyndon Strange, Technical Director, Boxability.